Recent reviews

These have been a few very busy months for Judith, which have seen her play on different stages in France, Spain and Colombia, resulting in excellent reviews of her performances. Following her recital at the Lille Piano Festival, the French publication Pianiste Magazine stated ‘Judith Jáuregui offered a particularly luminous recital. Piano and public travelled together; she captivated the hall’. Anaclase magazine agreed, concluding that ‘With Jáuregui we discovered an artist who immediately proved to be bewitching', whilst Tout la Culture highlighted ‘The rhythm, she has it in an innate and inimitable way’. In Spain, the daily Levante described Judith as ‘A pianist who pampers contrasts and caresses melodies. A painter of sounds’ following her recital in the Philharmonic Society of Valencia, whilst the Heraldo de Aragón underlined her ‘strong magnetism’ and described her Chopin as having ‘expressive depth thanks to the profound art of this Spanish lady of the piano’. 

The success of the premiere in June of the Nocturnos de Andalucía for piano and orchestra at the National Auditorium in Madrid deserves a special mention. Composed by Lorenzo Palomo on commission from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and performed with the Spanish National Radio and Television (RTVE) Orchestra conducted by Miguel Romea, the concert received extraordinary reviews, with Scherzo magazine describing Jaúregui’s playing as ‘impeccable’ and Arturo Reverter commenting in Beckmesser: ‘the composition revealed the work and ability of a musician gifted with traditional training, a lucid style and colourful imagination… within it, Judith Jáuregui moved like fish in water, the inspiration behind the score. She addressed all of the sometimes complex demands of the piece: attacks, octaves, trills, extensive phrases, discrete passages. She completely immersed herself in the world created by Palomo. A great job in which the RTVE Orchestra collaborated satisfactorily’. Moreover, Ritmo magazine qualified Judith’s interpretation as ‘fundamental’, ‘the pianist has an exquisite and all-round pulse, and is able to express not only with music but also with her presence. In this way the small motives, the precious tones, the flamenco rhythms and the Andalusian cadences emerged, defining a work that requires a strong conscience and concentration in every bar'.