“More than a piano concert”

2017 came to a very positive end for Judith Jáuregui, a year in which she has presented herself in cities across France, Spain, Switzerland and England playing eclectic repertoires - ranging from classicism to contemporary music - both solo as well as with chamber music and different orchestras, and receiving a warm reception from the musical press.

In the final months of the year, María José Cano of ‘El Diario Vasco’ stated that “a concert by Judith Jáuregui is more than a piano concert. Listening to her live means going to an elegant spectacle in which the visual image captures you as much as the sound.”

Furthermore, Cano noted, “her position at the piano, her gestures – which are never gratuitous - and the manner in which she addresses each work make an encounter with her music something special and different. And this, without sacrificing an ounce of tidiness at the keyboard or of care in terms of sonority”. Finally, she highlighted “the technical neatness and the control of the dynamics”, and defined the end of the concert as “a perfect communion between vigour and calm, youthfulness and maturity”.

On another review, following her concert at the Teatro Zorrilla in Valladolid, Emiliano Allende reflected in ‘El Norte de Castilla’ on Judith’s evolution over the last ten years, praising her “luminous and ethereal pulse that wraps” the listener, and placing particular emphasis in his article on the poetry that emanated from the piano on the night of her concert.

In the words of José Antonio Cantón’s review for Scherzo Magazine, there was “guaranteed expectation” in reference to Chopin’s Piano Concerto no.1 with the Córdoba Orchestra conducted by Lorenzo Ramos, which programmed within the XVI Piano Festival Rafael Orozco at the Teatro Góngora in Córdoba in November. Judith’s performance was praised for its “historicist approach, its elegance, its romantic expression and its bel canto lyricism”.

This same concert was also very positively reviewed by Manuel Pedregosa for ‘El Diario de Córdoba’, where Judith’s encore interpretation of Mompou’s Scènes d’Enfants was described as “delicate, sensitive, paused, excellent”.

Her first dates for 2018 will take her to the Théâtre Copeau of Saint Etienne and to the Festival du Piano in Toulon (France). She will also be returning to the Festival Musika-Música in Bilbao, where she has become a regular guest.


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