Grieg with the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands

Having begun 2022 playing at the historic Philarmonic Society of Malaga, Judith has enjoyed a fantastic week with the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands and the Colombian-US conductor Lina González-Granados, interpreting Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor Op.16. This has been highlighted by the strong reviews received, such as the one in Mallorca Magazine, that states that ‘Judith Jáuregui offered Grieg’s Piano Concerto with a rock-solid technique, rhythmic verve and a delicate touch. Woman power? For sure! Especially since without a certain pianistic power it’s not possible to play this and other romantic concertos in such a sparkling way’.

And the daily Ara Balears, which noted how ‘Judith Jáuregui appeared to show her virtues and those of a piece as immortal as Grieg’s Piano Concerto, the only one the composer managed to finish and which was considered a masterpiece from the beginning. So much so that Tchaikovsky, his contemporary, said that “there is warmth and passion in the phrases and melodies; it pours out vitality into the harmony and beauty into the modulations, ingenuity into the rhythms, and that rarest of all qualities, a perfect simplicity”. And all this was revealed with the elegance of Jáuregui’s hands’. 

Judith is now preparing her upcoming concerts with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Region of Murcia and conductor Ramón Tebar with whom she will play Nocturnos de Andulucía by composer Lorenzo Palomo, a work which premiered to much acclaim last June in the National Auditorium in Madrid. A few days later she will arrive at the Palau de la Música of Barcelona with the Azahar Ensemble to play together Poulenc's Sextet and the premiere of several Goyesca transcriptions by Granados by conductor José Luis Turina.