China Tour - July 2018

Following her concerts in important cities on the European classical music circuit like Paris and London, Judith now returns to China for a recital tour beginning on July 5th at the National Library Art Centre in Beijing, which will be then followed by recitals throughout the country in the cities of Tianjin, Harbin and Chengdu, with the series finishing on July 14th at the Arts Centre in Liuzhou.

The repertoire she will be playing consists of a selection of pieces from Andalusian Dances by Granados, Liszt’s Ballade no. 2, ‘Estampes’ and ‘L’isle joyeuse’ by Debussy, the ‘Valses nobles et sentimentales’ by Ravel, and the well-known ‘Andante Spianato et grande polonaise brillante’ op. 22 by Chopin as finale.

The pianist says she feels “expectant about returning to a country where classical music has seen such fast-paced development in recent years and which is surely called to be one of the great musical powerhouses of the future; it’s really fantastic to be able to discover its audiences, which are primarily very young, from almost their very beginning”.  

The first time Chinese audiences met Judith Jáuregui was in 2014 when she offered a summer recital tour that took her to cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Hefei, Suzhou and Shanghai. On this occasion the tour will have the sponsorship of the San Sebastian Region initiative - spearheaded by the Diputación of Guipúzcoa – of which Judith will be honorary ambassador during her China tour.